1.1 Abstract
Solospace is a project with the ability to utilize the power of the blockchain and decentralization in order to expand upon and honor the true vision of a new financial paradigm. The free and decentralized people of the Earth have chosen to colonize a virtual world that will exist within the blockchain. The Solospace play to earn experience with NFTs as representations of real world property ownership and concepts within the existing framework. As well as a hub for entertainment and gamification. 

All free citizens of Solospace and those integrated with the power of the blockchain will be offered the chance to acquire space land (ie: Property) in SoloCity.

1.2 Solospace

Digital real estate has become a legitimate asset class, one worthy of investor consideration and is going to appreciate exponentially over the near term. Digital real estate exits inside virtual worlds, each is its own “digital nation.”

Imagine getting in on buying property in upstate New York in the 1800’s and this is the same kind of opportunity that is afforded here today as we move further into VR and the type of technological advents we see. The blockchain offers the space to freely express ourselves and exchange ideas in ways that isn't governed by oppressive internet entities harvesting your data and selling it the highest bidder, legislation or draconian world leaders.

In virtual worlds, people create a personification of themselves in which they interact with the world, or “metaverse,” while inhabiting an avatar’s body. They can chat with other users, earn cryptocurrency by playing games, buy art in virtual galleries, attend concerts and events, and any number of things only limited to the imagination of its user base. There are a few other crypto-based virtual worlds, Decentraland is the most rapidly expanding of these currently with a 880 million dollar and peak 2 billion dollar MC which has grown exponentially from 220 million in January of this year. They also have an asset base of 90 thousand parcels of digital land with an average price of 5.8 thousand dollars a plot, an estimated 550 million in just virtual space for purchase alone not including secondary sales and accessories utilized and displayed within the virtual world. As of yet, there is no well developed space themed virtual world and we; as a couple young devs with a dream, believe that based on our previous experience, have some to the conclusion that 

SOLOSPACE is well positioned to capture not only the imagination and enthusiasm of a giant investment base but also the technological knowledge to build the greatest quality virtual world in existence. 

In this way, Solospace tokens ("PACE") become the investment tool to purchase virtual land in the SoloCity, which will mimic a real world city in a very real quadrant of the galaxy. Ownership is an NFT recorded on the Ethereum-721 blockchain which makes it both easily transferable. A finite amount of Land Blocks “Property" will be sold similar to virtual living spaces and billboards within the framework of our system as well as a “Station Core” which will have a number of different options in how you interact with the virtual world. the creation of virtual objects within this framework is limitless.

1.3 Goals and Additional Utility 

Human interaction and socialization has become overwhelmingly virtual; most people have moved their social and business relationships to their phone or computer. It is now, during a global pandemic that has driven us online more so than ever. These new habits have already become permanent behavioral and cultural shifts, irrevocably changing what we consider normal and acceptable. In this way the social responsibility that exist to provide tools and resources in the virtual space is essential to create a fun and adaptive environment for individuals to thrive and monetize, this stands at the core of our ethos at Solospace. 

We also look to the example and collaboration of companies embarking on widespread missions to serve the underdeveloped regions and underserved communities of the world. SoloCity with 10,000 land blocks being launched. It’s estimated another 30,000 to 40,000 land blocks will need to be deployed in the future.

We will also add a tool with the utility on our website and Dapp (decentralized application) to track the progress and deployment of SoloCity land blocks gives our users the tools to know the progress and availability of this invaluable resource. Additionally, we will build to become the cryptocurrency payment of choice for all Solospace services in the Metaverse and as a bridge between the tangible and virtual worlds. For example utilizing our $PACE tokens to purchase NFT's, services and virtual land.



1. Solospace Ecosystem 

1.1. $PACE Token 

The Solospace $PACE token powered by the Metaverse.Network Bit.Country and the Polkadot ecosystem will serve as the basis within the SOLOSPACE ecosystem. $PACE plays a vital role in Solospace virtual world and can be used for transactions within the ecosystem and to participate in the project management and gaming aspects. 

1.2. NFT Collection

The Solospace NFT Collection shall be used for ownership of land, virtual property (currently in production) within the SOLOSPACE Metaverse. Community users can create, earn, buy, sell, monetize and upgrade their assets.

1.3. SoloCity

The Solospace universe: SoloCity is a 3D virtual space Metaverse which is a part of the ecosystem. The Solospace Metaverse consist of a user owned digital world and with land (property) which will be the core virtual property. Additional assets and discoveries will be added and monetized as the SoloCity is built upon and concept evolves bridging the tangible and virtual worlds. 

1.4 Profile 

Profile is a graphical representation of players in the virtual space metaverse.
Players can link their personal avatars, and even social media profiles to their world. Also, it represents how many satellites they own, how much $PACE tokens they have. Further building engagement and collaboration within the ecosystem. There are more possibilities that will be implemented as well in the future. 

1.5 Solospace DAO 

Tokens within the SOLOSPACE ecosystem will be allocated for voting within a DAO – decentralized autonomous organization structure, ensuring the project is self-sustaining and has no owner at the helm. It was a fair launch without team tokens or allocations so in this sense everyone in SOLOSPACE is an investor including the team, everyone is on equal footing and shares a vested in interest in the success of the project. $PACE holders have power to create proposals and vote on them to drive the project. 

1.6. Marketplace 

We will build our own digital marketplace in conjunction with development of the Solospace metaverse and ecosystem, the marketplace enables participants to manage and exchange FIA NFTs, priced in $PACE. Owners can use the marketplace for secondary sales and to transact or transfer virtual satellites and other in-game items such as wearables and living modules. 


With blockchain technology, every digital land and other virtual estates in the Solospace ecosystem can be tokenized, having rights to trade, sell, or gift their items. Players are the owners of their digital assets. Blockchain allows them to have true ownership and allow them to monetize and freely trade their assets. 


1.8. Incentive 

Players can earn passive income by owning land and rewarded thru advancement within the SOLOSPACE ecosystem. Users are rewarded with tokens just by owning virtual land and assets. Rewards go to users to claim their reward tokens whenever they want. 






Mission 1 

  Whitepaper V2                                     DEC 2021         

Mission 2  

   PACE Token ICO                            Q1 2022           Private Sale Round 1

                                                                                      Round 2  (Date TBD)


  Land Sale                                       Q1 2022

  NFT  Collection                                 Q1 2022

  Bit.Country Launch                              Q2 2022

Mission 3 

Universe Beta Release                             Q2 2022 

Solospace DAO Launch                         Q3 2022 

Metaverse 3D VR Migration                     TBA

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